Spring Forward for Autism 5K

Today my whole family ran and walked in a 5K for Autism. It was the best turn out. It was so much fun to see active, genuine and competitive people out there running and walking today. My mom (walked), dad (ran), brother (ran) and boyfriend (ran) were all there, along with 10+ family friends! My parent’s good friends son (Steven) was diagnosed with autism and when he asked us to come support him and his team, we couldn’t pass it up! It was such a family oriented and just good-hearted event, I commend everybody to get out there and not only sign up for a race but sign up for a race with a cause!


(My Dad and I)

Team Steve-O was our name and we did awesome! We had 2 first place medals in the group and Steven raised more than $700 for the cause. At 8:40 a.m. we showed up ready to race and have fun! By 9:00 a.m., we were on our way around UNR’s campus. We all went in thinking we were going to have to run 12 laps around the track to get our 5K in but when we showed up, the great surprise was that the course took us around the shady and pretty campus. We saw goslings, geese, ducks, swans and tons of other animals! It made the run go by so much faster. My dad, brother, family friend (Andrew) and I all ran together for about the first 2 miles, then my brother and Andrew pushed ahead while my dad and I finished the thing together. I did beat my dad by 30 seconds, so I still have that on him! My boyfriend just kicked everybody’s butt so I don’t want to mention him much 🙂 I had such a blast, got a good run in and got some sun! Everybody there had such a good time, I couldn’t imagine a better Sunday.


(My Brother and Andrew)

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Days Off!

When you work out and are consistent with your workouts, you need to remember that to get true results, you need time to rest. Giving your muscles time to rest is when you build muscle! When you workout your muscles are slightly tearing, these tears are constantly rebuilding and forming new muscle and if you don’t give your body rest then you really don’t recover for the next workout.


One of the hardest things to do sometimes is nothing, but that is exactly what is needed to give your muscles a chance to repair and build.  The beauty of a day off doesn’t mean you need to lay in bed or sit on the couch and watch the television. Off days can consist of taking the dog for a relaxing walk or read a book outside in the sun. Working out consistently and having the right routine makes your body very sore to keep being able to endure the hard workouts, your body needs to be fresh. When your body feels good life is good. Treating your body is not just for your muscles but it is also for yourself. Give your self a day to just relax and enjoy the little things in life. With everything going on with everyone’s busy lives it is important to sit back and really just relax. Whether you spend time with family or this rest day is the same as your day when you treat yourself to those sweets you’ve have been craving all week, just take it off. Taking a day off will not only help you recover it is just nice to appreciate and enjoy the hard work you have been putting into your workouts. It’s time to show off your hard earned results!


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