Benefits of Running

When people hear, “I like to run for fun,” they call me crazy. Running use to be a punishment if we messed up in sports, the coach would say go do liners or take a lap. As much as I hated running for punishment when I was younger, now that I run for fun there is nothing else like it. Nothing can clear my mind in an instant and send endorphins straight to my brain faster. Running outside when the weather is nice, nothing can beat it. Cardio is important to the heart to the lungs and to the blood. When your heart rate increases, it causes your heart to pump faster, when your heart is working hard it is pushing against your arteries causing circulation to be increased. In a way you could consider this to be cleaning out the veins.It is so easy to come up with excuses not to go on a run whether it be too cold outside, the wind is blowing or just the lack of motivation. But the beauty of running is that you don’t need any fancy equipment, all you need is the motivation. Running is the best way to get in shape; it is truly a full body workout. You use your core, biceps and everything in-between. The benefits of running is, the more you run the more “cardio fit” you get, which lowers your breathing so your lungs don’t have to work as hard to get air into your blood stream. Running has many benefits that are endless but my favorite thing about running or doing some sort of cardio exercise is the endorphin rush you get.


Endorphins rush to your brain giving you a boost of energy so amazing that you feel like you’re on top of the world. This “natural high” as it’s called, makes me want to run faster and work harder. Running has so many benefits to the body and the best part is you don’t need to pay a for a gym membership. You can run at any time of the day or night and you are only benefiting your body, your heart and your lungs. Running can be hard to get motivated to go do but the benefits once finished are well worth the struggle.

There is something strange about people who enjoy running, but before you knock it, try it. You might be sore for a couple days but I promise the more you do it the quicker that endorphin rush will come and the more stress free your life will be. Running is a time to clear your mind, relax and plan your day. It is time for you when nobody else will bother you and nobody to tell you what to do. If you do something for yourself then that is the best reward. Not because someone told you so. NOW go out there and personally see the benefits of running. I promise that the more you do it the more you will want it to be part of your daily routine. Go run! Not for anybody else but for yourself!


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