Supplementing Your Workout

Part of being a healthy person and having a healthy lifestyle is giving your body what it needs to perform at that top level. Although buying all the supplements and all the pill forms that promise results, you can get away from making those ridiculous and expensive purchglass_0ases by buying the right food. Every body knows that protein helps build lean muscle, but you really don’t need to go buy a fifty dollar powder at the local fitness store. By drinking a glass of 2% chocolate milk, you get the protein and vitamins needed at 1/50 the cost. Having a healthy diet can get you all the appropriate vitamins and proteins needed without getting crazy and spending an arm and a leg on supplements. Every workout you do, your body is pushed to the limits and the muscles are sore and weak. The muscle fibers are tearing and causing soreness. The same goes for when you do lower body workouts, lactic acid builds up causing soreness and to help build muscles and a quicker repair process, protein within 30 minutes after a workout can have great results. When your body is tired and it is breaking down and is sore it is looking for other places to get what it needs, sugar, potassium, carbs, protein. By replacing the needed energy sources right after a workout you give your body the best chance to heal and repair itself even on the toughest workouts. Of course drinking one 12 ounce glass of chocolate milk after a work out won’t work immediately, yes it will help that one day it is done but you need to get in the habit of supplying your sore torn muscles with protein each and every workout so it knows that it doesn’t have to search for the needed energy sources. So, just like everything else that takes time and consistency, results take time to show but if you start with the right tools for success you are more likely to achieve your individual goal much faster and see better results. Every workout is different but the baseline is the same. Sticking to a game plan and putting it to use is the hard part!

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