The workout with a plan!

The importance of getting a good workout in, is going into your workout with a plan. To target muscles you want to focus on can dramatically improve results, also when you target a muscle group you can rest the muscle groups that you had worked out before so you are never overdoing an exercise. One of my favorite workout days is “Back and Biceps.” The glamor muscles as they are called. Back is really important to keep strong because it stabilizes all the muscles in the upper body. When you go to the gym you really don’t see people doing a lot of pullups, you always see people putting up massive amounts of weights on the bench press and always that guy squatting with two friends helping him yell and get 500 pounds off the ground.

The most basic exercises are basic for a reason, but the basic ones are the ones that work! Doing max pull ups is not only great all around for the back but it works all the muscles in the upper body. Pull ups also burn fat because you are using all of your muscles to stabilize your body to get it up and over the bar. The best thing about pull ups is that if you can only do 1, then do 1. That single pull up will build and if your consistent then each and every day you will be able to do a little more and a little more. Just hanging from the pull up bar as long as you can builds strong back muscles and lean body types. Biceps on the other hand everybody has heard of the saying, “high reps low weight for tone and low reps and high weight for bulk.” That is 100% true. My best bicep workouts are workouts where you are constantly challenging the target muscle group. Little to no breaks in between exercises and high reps low weight. You start burning calories when your body hits that zone. The whole reason to go to the gym is to stay healthy and to be strong. Not just strong muscles but strong minded. A healthy person is a happy person. If you show up to the gym with a plan and a target muscle group you will find yourself focusing on that specific muscle, concentrating on the basics and trying to stay in the calorie burning zone. Back and biceps are the glamor muscles and should be challenged time and time again to keep your body toned and fit. Check out this site for great “muscle group” exercises!

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