On a snowy, lazy, rainy and windy day…

Rainy days. Lazy days. Snowy days. Windy days. Everybody has one of these days every so often. You don’t want to run because it’s too windy, or you don’t want to workout because you’re feeling lazy. It’s so nice to take a day off but you’ll regret it.

TScreen shot 2013-03-11 at 1.53.39 PMhe easiest thing to do is make excuses, those excuses aren’t going to get you anywhere near the body you want! I’ve come up with this treadmill workout (for the days that are too windy or snowy to run in). It’s a great 35 minute sprint workout that will leave you sweaty, feeling great and happy that you drug your butt to the gym!

The hardest part of getting motivated on lazy days is actually getting to the gym. Once you’re there, the motivation kicks in and you think, “Well I’m already here, might as well get a workout in.” Any workout is better than no workout! First step is getting to the gym, everything falls into place after that.

After finishing my treadmill exercise, get the abs a workout in!

50 Russian Twists w/ 15 lb. dumbbell/medicine ball/plate (25 each side)

50 Bent-Knee Hip Raises

25 Butt-Ups

50 Dumbbell Side Bends (25 each side- I use a 30 lb. dumbbell)

50 Elbow to Knee (25 each side)

Repeat 3-5 times!!! Click on link for a how to.

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