On a beautiful, motivated and sunny day!

In my previous blog, I talked about how hard it is when you’re feeling lazy and it’s too windy or snowy to workout or go for a run. This blog is about the exact opposite! When the weather is perfect out, 65+ degrees, sunny and no wimage(1)ind, motivation comes so easily. My absolute favorite thing to do is take either my grandpa’s border collie (Ky) or my brother’s mutt (Carter) for a hike! Reno is a great place to go on hikes. I stick to my usual Patagonia trails but if you’re ever close to Susanville, CA, a great hill/mountain to hike is Mo (it’s on Hwy 139, about 3 miles past the hospital, on the right and before the turn to head out of town).

This hike is only 1.25-1.50 miles long but it’s more than a 2,000 foot elevation gain. Mo is a training hill used for firefighters to hike up with full gear (35-45 lb. pack). They must make it to the top in under 60 minutes or they’re cut. It’s a tough one but once you get to the top, the view is gorgeous!



Here she is… It doesn’t look like much but once you start up  it, you’ll understand.

There are 5 old dirt roads that are   evenly distributed throughout the hike. After the second road, you’ll come to a 200 yard flat strip that they call the “flats.” This where YOU catch your breath and firefighters cut their time by jogging across it! The third-fifth roads are complete hell so pace yourself. If you want a good workout on a beautiful day, Mo is the place!


Another hike that I love to take my brother’s dog, Carter on is Patagonia. It’s a great place to go for a moderate but long hike! I would recommend testing out Patagonia before Mo.

At Patagonia there are hundreds of trails to take that will take you miles and miles on steep, flat or gradual hills. You can download an app on your phone to show you all the trails to take! It’s a great workout and perfect for your dogs to burn some energy! Take water and snacks because you could be out there all day exploring. And Patagonia is also a great place for trail running!

Please follow me on Twitter and Pinterest for more workouts, hiking spots and recipes! Check out my peer, Rachel Roen’s: Golden Hiking blog for more great places to go in Reno!



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