Run. And never stop.

Running. If you’re 10, 26, 43 or 67 years old, you can run. It may be at a slower pace than others but it’s still getting yourself outside and going for a run (or jog). Others may disagree but I think that running is the best workout a person can do! It’s great for your lungs, health, weight, happiness and much more. It’s a great way to relieve stress, think things through and just relax.


Photo credit: My Life as Wife

If you’re not a runner, then start by walking. I found this great way to get from couch to 5k from the blog My 30 Spot! The best way to get motivated and stay motivated is to sign up for a race and train for it! Races aren’t free so you’ll have to pay and if you’re anything like me, which is too competitive, then you won’t let yourself go to that race without giving it 100%.


Photo credit: My 30 Spot

Just try this out! Once you get running in your blood, you won’t want to stop. It helps you shrink all those problem areas and is great for your body in general. In all my “workout” blog posts, I promise you that a sprint, treadmill or trail workout will be included! All my workouts are based around running and cardio because that’s how I stay fit, healthy and happy. Please follow me on Twitter @kypolan for more workouts and recipes to help you reach your goal!

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