“I regret that workout,” said nobody, ever!

Like I promised in my last blog, I said I would give y’all a good workout to do today! It’s a rough one and gets your blood pumping but if you get through this, you’ll feel great. I try to run 3-4 times a week and out of those 3-4 times, this treadmill and ab workout is done at least 2 times! It’s fat burning, kick your butt, lungs and abs day!


Treadmill workout via Self Magazine:

Set treadmill incline to 0.5-1.0

1 minute at 5.0

1 minute at 5.5,

1 minute at 6.0

1 minute at 6.5

1 minute at 7.0

1 minute at 7.5

1 minute at 8.0

2 minutes at 4.5

Repeat five times. If you’re doing this workout right, you should be around 0.65-0.70 of a mile each time! Do it right! You won’t regret it!

Ab Workout:


If this workout doesn’t kick your butt then I don’t know what will! Make sure to drink lots of water and stretch. Follow me on Twitter @kypolan and Pinterest (Skinny & Swoll board) for more Health & Fitness tips!

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