Make it count

Hi guys, this is Kylie. This blog is going to be about motivation. I am a busy, always on the go student at the University of Nevada and I know it’s hard to stay motivated to workout and live a healthy life. I’ve always been blessed with an A.D.D. personality and fast metabolism, but now that I’m pushing 22 years old, my metabolism is slowing down and it’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated. I’m hoping this blog will be that one blog that you can relate to, not some girl’s blog that doesn’t eat and is naturally skinny…

Here are the top five things that I want you to remember for motivation and health:

1. I know you’ve always heard 30% gym, 70% diet but that’s just how it should be when you first start working out. After 6 weeks in, 60% gym, 40% diet should be the guidelines. You want to be toned, not soft.

2. No crazy diets, it slows down your metabolism and you’re bound to gain it back. Short diets = short results.

3. Everybody knows this one- drink water!!!

4.  Have pictures of the body you want posted everywhere, this is the best motivation a person can use!

5. Workout with a friend, you can motivate each other and keep track of your results together!

One of my coaches always said that if you conquer the first mental battle (waking up after that alarm goes off no matter how early), then it’s easier to win other battles throughout the day. Battles about eating right, about working out, about feeling good about yourself, about getting along with others, and so on. We all face battles everyday, lets conquer that first one and conquer the day! When your alarm goes off, get up! Face the day and “make it count” as Nike would say.

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